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A Week at PrimeLife 7th – 13th March 2022

Monday 7th

Fieldings in Sutton-in-Ashfield

We took part in Anosmia Awareness on the 27th of Feb. Anosmia is a lack of a sense of smell, so as a challenge we filled some dishes with different smells, covered them with foil, put a small hole in the top. The aim is to recognise the smells, and whoever got the most was the winner. It was more challenging than the residents thought it would be, but a lot of fun.  

Riversway in Bristol

Some more photos from our Pancake Day last week.
We made loads for the residents and gave them a mix of toppings to put onto the pancakes or wrap up in them.
Monica celebrated her 90th birthday on 5th March, she loved her little gift from Riversway, as you can see from her face, and we decorated her room with banners and balloons! We arranged a lovely afternoon tea party with her two daughters, and she had so many lovely gifts from her family, it was such a wonderful day.    

Oakdene in Mansfield

We had a pamper day in the home, with manicures and nail painting. Everyone loved the fresh feel and looks of their hands.  

Netherlands in Horncastle

At the weekend the residents requested to learn about Italy! They asked…… We did….. They had fun learning all about the Italian culture and all the food and drunk. After we decided to make our own pizzas, it was great fun and they were delicious!! 🍕😋  

Tuesday 8th


Riversway in Bristol

Hazel celebrated her 90th Birthday yesterday (7th March) and She enjoyed a little afternoon party with her family! She had lots of flowers and lovely gifts, she really loved her gift from Riversway, a book of Bournemouth Then and Now. We decorated her room with balloons and banners and she enjoyed a cup of tea from the out little tea set. She said, “I had a wonderful day!!” Bridget fancied some chocolates so we gave her a box all for herself! As you can see she was really pleased with them!   June and Bridget were busy helping with the dishes! They had a well-deserved cuppa and cake after all their hard work, thank you, ladies!  

Kirklees in Grimsby

5th of March was ‘National Cheese Doodle Day’ and in the home, we celebrated by making faces out of Cheese Puffs. It might sound like an odd day to celebrate, but everyone had so much fun creating as many different faces as they could!  

Stoneygate Road in Leicester

We have been celebrating International Women’s Day today by talking about the divisions between the genders that still exist. We also showed our support by practising the #BreakTheBias pose!  

Wednesday 9th


Riversway in Bristol

BINGO!!!! 🥳🎉 Riversway Bingo was back on we had a fantastic afternoon with everyone winning a prize!!  

Oakdene in Mansfield

We had a lovely shopping trip out with a few of the residents at the weekend. Everyone had a lovely time and picked some new bits for themselves.

Westerlands in East Riding

The residents had a few messages they wanted to share with you all this International Women’s Day.

Thursday 10th

Oakdene in Mansfield

We took a trip out to our local to enjoy a good Sunday Lunch! Everyone had a wonderful time and the puddings were a winner!  

Riversway in Bristol

We had some fun and laughter with the Mexican hats and musical instruments. Everyone had so much fun lots of giggles!  

Oaklands in Leicester

Candy Store – 74
Tickety-boo – 62
Get up and run – 31
We love a good game of bingo in the home it’s a fantastic way to get us all together.
Everyone had such a wonderful time, especially those who got to shout out BINGO!

Meadow View in Alcester

We celebrated Betty’s 91st Birthday in the home recently, with a small get together. We enjoyed a good sing-song and a lovely meal along with a little tipple to celebrate the day.  

Friday 11th


Riversway in Bristol

Lots of fun today in the lounge Bridget was helping the other residents with the games. It was lovely to see the interaction between all the residents. We enjoyed refreshments and cakes to finish a lovely afternoon. Bridget celebrated her birthday on 10th March! She had her hair cut and blow dyed ready for her little tea party with her daughter. She absolutely loved her gift from Riversway, of some makeup and beauty products. We decorated her room with balloons and banners, in her own words she said it was her best birthday ever and she didn’t expect it at all, thanking us for giving her such a lovely afternoon with her daughter. Happy Birthday, Bridget!  

Oakdene in Mansfield

We had a small trip out for someone on one time and a spot of lunch. Everyone had a wonderful time.  

Saturday 12th

The Fieldings in Sutton-in-Ashfield

The great recipe share continues with Cereal treats. We got our favourite cereal and mixed it in some melted chocolate, one batch with white chocolate and one with milk chocolate, then we threw in some M&M and waited for the mix to cool. They tasted amazing, really good with a cuppa.  

Riversway in Bristol

Some of our lovely residents put on their wish list something they would like! So we went out and fulfilled as many wishes as we could and took round our Trolly of Wishes for everyone! They all loved their gifts with everyone looking very happy indeed!  

Meadow View in Alcester

This wonderful cake was made by Elizabeth Bloxham’s niece for her 91’s Birthday! She absolutely loved the cake, such a lovely gift. Happy Birthday, Betty!

Oakdene in Mansfield

We organised a collection for people to donate essentials that they are running out of in Ukraine. We managed to get a good collection, which is now on its way to them. We hope it helps, in any little way possible.  

Sunday 13th


Meadow View in Alcester

We had the Arts Uplift visit the home to deliver a music and singing session with the residents. They sang some of our favourites and everyone had such a lovely time!  

Riversway in Bristol

We created a Riversway Tuck Shop! Designed for the residents to have a treat of their choice, we popped round to each room to see what everyone fancied, we also included the staff. Everyone liked the idea, so it’s going to stay so that anytime a resident fancy’s a treat, they can pop in with the tuck shop!   We had our Riversway church service. We all chose our favourite hymns and had a nice talk about what our favourite memories are of going to church! We spoke about how going to church and singing hymns makes us feel, we all named the churches we belong to, it was a nice way to reminisce. We had a birthday cake from Monica’s family that we cut it up and sang happy birthday to her, we enjoyed this with a nice cuppa.    

Meadow View in Alcester

The residents raising a Glass for Betty’s Birthday!
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