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Student nurse Lance pays Oakdene a visit

Oakdene were recently put forward and chosen to have a student nurse visit them for the day. This was an honour and a chance that we jumped at as we are always looking to develop our involvement and links with our health colleagues. Student Nurse Lance Chirume visited the home in early November and spent time with the Manger Brian Ward learning what is involved in running a care home. This included learning about CQC Regulations and Care Planning. Lance also spent time getting to know the staff and residents and even helped with lunch.
Picture of Oakdene
Photo of Oakdene
The comments that Lance sent through following the visit are overwhelming positive and a testament to the quality of the service delivered at Oakdene. Dear Prime Life, During my experience at Oakdene, I was introduced to the team and felt very welcomed by the staff and residents. Oakdene is a very special place – they treat every one of their clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. I was very pleased with the way things are done at Oakdene. As a student in training it makes me proud to know that there are places in the community that protect vulnerable individuals and aim to empower them, giving them the tools to regain / build their independence. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Oakdene and wish them nothing but years of success. I would love to visit again soon. Lance Chirume, Student Nurse Thanks for your comments Lance, we enjoyed having you and hope to see you again soon.
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