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Life at Prime Life – September 2023

September started off with some lovely weather which gave our homes the chance to have some amazing events outside along with all the wonderful activities they do in the homes. You can see a wide range of activities from our homes on the Prime Life Facebook page here! Residents at River Meadows wanted to start their own Mini Herb Garden, so they got busy painting up and planning some pots. Find River Meadows on Facebook here! The Old Rectory had a beech in the garden with a paddling pool and a sand pit to build some sand castles. Find Old Rectory on Facebook here! Residents at Sandybrook House enjoyed some milkshakes in the sunshine! Find Sandybrook on Facebook here! St Michaels had some messy fun with hand painting! Find St Michaels on Facebook here!   The Hollies used there new Jenny Wren’s Tavern to get together and enjoy some Milkshakes. Find The Hollies on Facebook here! All 3 teams from Phoenix Park got together to take part in some Mangar Eagle training. This is an amazing peace of kit designed to help when a resident needs assistance getting up from the floor. Find Phoenix Park on Facebook here! Residents and Staff from Acorn Close enjoyed a BBQ in the sunshine. It was such a fun-filled afternoon with lots of laughs, even enjoyed a little dance in the sun! Find Acorn Close on Facebook here! Residents from Stoneygate Oaklands had been asking to do some clay crafting, everyone had so much fun making them that after they wanted to paint them. Find Oaklands on Facebook here! With the amazing weather early in the month, White Acres decided they needed a BBQ. Find White Acres on Facebook here! Big thanks to Nigel, who took the residents and staff from Lowfield House out to The Deep for the day! Find Lowfield House on Facebook here! Oakdene had a wonderful day out to Cleethorpes. Everyone had a great time chilling on the beach, enjoying the sun and watching the sea. Find Oakdene on Facebook here. Tanworth had a really day afternoon playing loads of different games. Find Tanworth on Facebook here! Brackendale House had so much fun with their local community enjoying a 1940s weekend they had set up. Find Brackendale House on Facebook here! Frida, Beryl, Mary, June, Vernon and Mary from Riversway had a wonderful time visiting Oakham Treasures.  Find Riversway on Facebook here!   Residents from Brockshill Woodlands had so much fun enjoying a good old-fashioned game of catch! Find Woodlands on Facebook here! The residents at Ashlands love spending there afternoon relaxing and with many different activities. Find Ashlands on Facebook here! Mill House had a wonderful day out in the sun by the seaside. Find Mill House on Facebook here! Keith’s Daughter got married, and the team at Barons Park worked with his family to ensure he was there for the big day to walk his daughter down the aisle. Find Barons Park on Facebook here!   Residents of Little Acres enjoyed a walk around the woodlands of Matlock before stopping off for some fish and chips, and a look around the gift shops.   Find Little Acres on Facebook here! Meadow View held a Hula Beach Barbeque Party. Everyone got dressed up for the day and enjoyed Hula Beach-themed games throughout the day. Find Meadow View on Facebook here! Woodville received this amazing review from a recent visitor to the home. Find Woodville on Facebook here! It was a very wet day when Michael, the van driver, showed up to take Charnwood Oaks out on their day trip. Luckily they found somewhere fun to wander inside and took a walk around the New Walk Museum at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery. Find Charnwood Oaks on Facebook here! Everyone at Springhill always has so much fun when the parachute comes out! Find Springhill on Facebook here! Fir Close had a fun Saturday Morning bopping away with Chris and his exercise morning, “move it mobility”. Find Fir Close on Facebook here! Residents and staff members from Clarence House had so much fun on holiday in Scarborough. A big thank you to all the Clarence House residents for making it such an amazing week and a special thank you to Vanessa and Cat for this holiday! Find Clarence House on Facebook here! Daisy from Island Place had an amazing time on holiday for her 37th Birthday. She had an amazing time walking along the beachfront, visiting the arcades, clothes shopping on the market and a wonderful visit to the Sea Life Centre to meet some seals. There was also a run-in with a cheeky goat who tried to steal her handbag. For her 37th birthday, she got her first tattoo and is excited to get more! Find Island Place on Facebook here! A big happy birthday to Michael from Seacroft Court! He had the best day celebrating his 76th Birthday. Find Seacroft Court on Facebook here! Karen Jackie and Kevin from Glengarriff House enjoyed a lovely afternoon meeting some animals followed by a KFC for dinner. Find Glengarriff House on Facebook here!   To end the month, Lyndon Croft celebrated Margaret and Robert’s 50th wedding anniversary. They marked the occasion with a party and Paulo the singer came in to entertain them and the residents. Find Lyndon Croft on Facebook here!
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