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A Week at PrimeLife; 22nd – 28th March 2021

Welcome to a week at PrimeLife!

Monday 22nd March

Riversway Care Home in Bristol:

We played some fun games in the lounge recently and have smiles all around! ?

Oakdene in Mansfield:

“The Residents at Oakdene in Mansfield have been enjoyed a wide range of activities. They took a trip to the local shop for a small bit of shopping, they enjoyed playing some games and a spot of cake making.

Looks like everyone has been having a fantastic time!”

Meadow View in Alcester:

“Meadow View in Alcester watched Horse Racing, the Cheltenham Gold Cup 2021 last Friday, and they had 2 winners at the home! ?”

Riversway Care Home in Bristol:

“We looked at the old movie stars with the residents and reminisced about the olden days

Who was your favourite movie star back in the day? ??”

Tuesday 23rd March 

Riversway Care Home in Bristol 

“Hazel asked for some photos we took of her when she had her hair done, so we’ve had them laminated to put up on her wall! ?”

Beechlands in Leicester

“The residents and staff at Beechlands in Leicester did some gardening last week! They did some planting in these hanging baskets, to put up in the front of the home and in the back garden, and they look wonderful! ?”

Riversway Care Home in Bristol 

“Pam had fun making this pretty little trinket box with Linda! They had a lovely chat while being creative, with a coffee and of course, cake! ??☕️”

Wednesday 24th March 

Oakdene Care in Mansfield

“Oakdene in Mansfield joined the nation in a minute silence yesterday to remember those we lost throughout the year and reflecting on the challenges of the last year.”

Riversway Care Home in Bristol 

“Mary enjoyed looking at the old movie picture cards with Teresa ??”

Meadow View in Alcester

“Residents and staff at Meadow View in Alcester had fun celebrating #RedNoseDay2021 last Friday!”

Oakdene in Mansfield

“In reminiscing of the last year, the residents and staff at Oakdene in Mansfield joined the country in lighting a candle and standing with it on the doorstep in honour of all that we lost over the year of lockdown”

You can watch the video at

Thursday 25th March 

Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“At Riversway, we’ve been proud to welcome safe visits at the home for our residents, and in doing so we’ve been able to capture some of these incredibly heart-warming first visits and moments ?”

The Hollies in South Normanton “We would like to thank The Green Infant School for the lovely bunting made by the children, we’ve all enjoyed looking at your beautiful drawings! Together we grow xxx    

Kirklees in Grimsby

“Residents at Kirklees in Grimsby did some infection control training, including COVID & PPE training, with infection control trainer, Deborah! They were brilliant, and were awarded with their very own certificates ?”

St Michaels in Waddington “Today we said goodbye to our little feathered friends. We’ve all enjoyed them so much. We had a game of bingo to cheer us up this afternoon.”      

Friday 26th March

Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Joyce made this beautiful heart with Linda while they enjoyed a coffee and a chat ?”

Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“We made yummy churros and enjoyed them with a nice cuppa ??”

Oakdene in Mansfield

“The residents over at Oakdene in Mansfield have been up to a lot of different activities this week.

Here are a few nice shots of all the fun they have been having.

The cakes do look Yummie!”

Saturday 27th March 

Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Dexter’s been receiving lots of yummy treats, and cuddles! ?”

Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Eileen loved the word search we gave her, that we’re certain will keep her very busy! ✏️”

Meadow View in Alcester

“Meadow View in Alcester had a pick n mix afternoon for the residents!”

 You can watch some more videos of the pick n mix trolley at and

Oakdene in Mansfield

“The weather has been nice enough this week that the residents at Oakdene in Mansfield did a spot of gardening. ? ? All residents had a lovely time planting seeds and now they are excited to see what grows.”  

Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“We made some raspberry jam and put them into our very own jam jars, before tasting some on bread and butter. We may be biased, but it was delicious ?

Sunday 28th March 

Chestnut House in Marton 

“The residents at Chestnut House in Marton created some amazing wall art!

They worked together to create this colourful chalk picture on the side of the home and they loved it so much they plan to make a larger one this summer over a few days!

Good work everyone, it looks amazing!”

Meadow View in Alcester 

“Meadow View in #Alcester had another successful first visit! ?

“I was so pleased to see Joan on such good form this afternoon. It was great being able to sit with her in her room and chat. It makes such a difference actually being with someone.

I hadn’t seen inside the home or her room, so it was good to be able to do that. Her room is lovely, spacious, and light.

I was relieved that the Covid test wasn’t as awful as I imagined! Thank you for making it all so clear and easy to deal with.

I will certainly come and visit her again soon.”

Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Harry and Sue looked at some old war books today together, with a cup of tea, and a lovely chat! Harry really enjoyed looking through the old images ?”

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