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A Week at Prime Life; 13th – 19th September

Monday 13th


Lutterworth Country House in Bitteswell

The residents really enjoyed their painting sessions with this weeks theme being funfairs. They look amazing, great job everyone!  

Riversway in Bristol

We made some delicious ice cream sundaes! They were absolutely outstanding!

St Michaels in Waddington

We are very excited to have Scott come back to St Michaels today, for armchair exercises.  

Tuesday 14th


Riversway in Bristol

It was a good day to be cosey in Riversway Cinema so we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Whilst watching, we enjoyed a hot chocolate and bar of Frys Chocolate.
Everyone really enjoyed the film!

Kirklees in Grimsby

Well done to Kirklees in Grimsby for receiving this outstanding review on! A massive well done to the incredible staff team ?? “Staff are always in uniform so service users can identify them. My daughter is always clean and looked after how I would look after her when she visits. They always try and make sure my daughter has something to eat as she is an awkward eater by going out of their way to cook her something different.”

Clarence House in Horncastle

With the weather being so nice last week, the residents enjoyed ice cream and a drink whilst taking a lovely stroll by the river!  

Wednesday 15th


Byron House in Skegness

Happy 89th Birthday to John. ? ? ? Fruit Cake was his cake of choice this year, and when asked what he would like for his birthday tea, his answer was Prawn Sandwich! ?  

Riversway in Bristol

We had a fun oomph session in the lounge with pompoms and balloons. In-between sessions we all enjoyed some nice refreshments!

Thursday 16th


Riversway in Bristol

David enjoyed a relaxing yet competitive game of dominoes with Teresa. Both had lots of fun!  

Oakdene in Mansfield

We received this lovely review from a residents family member. Well done to the whole team, such fantastic work!  

Clarence House in Horncastle

Does anyone fancy a Milkshake and Cake pitstop? That’s exactly what we did whilst out enjoying the sun last week. We must admit, the cake was very good!   

Friday 17th


Riversway in Bristol

David had so much fun in the lounge playing with the Balloons and laughing with Karen as they were dancing to ABBA!  

Chamberlaine Court in Bedworth

These lovely ladies got together to make some amazing art! What brilliant work team, they look amazing!

Saturday 18th


Woodlands in Leicester

We had some amazing prizes to hand out and what better way to do this than with a spot of Bingo! Everyone had such a lovely time!  

Riversway in Bristol

Brenda, Joyce and David had so much fun playing a few rounds of darts in the lounge. It was such a lovely time.

Sunday 19th


Riversway in Bristol

Nothing better than getting out and smelling the flowers, and that’s exactly what Brenda and Rita did. We enjoyed looking at all the beautiful flowers and trying to see if we could recognise what they were.
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