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Whistleblowing (A message from Simon Van Herrewege)

Last night (Wednesday 28th September), Panorama shared footage of what can only be described as an appalling abuse of vulnerable people in a high secure mental health care facility (Edenfield Centre, Manchester). The film shares evidence of the staff both mentally and physically attacking those individuals whom had been entrusted in their care, and at times discussing clients in a manner that dehumanises them, or at best offers no empathy.


I am always proud of the great care and comfort our staff offer to individuals as I visit our homes, and take great joy from so many of the letters from families thanking managers and particular staff whom have gone that extra mile. For ourselves, real care and compassion is a minimum requirement.


The purpose of this note is to reiterate our own whistleblowing process and helpline, should anyone wish to report any concerns they have in a confidential manner. It is vital that people do report any incidents of potential abuse or neglect, as taking no action is complicity in same. Once again and on behalf of the directors, our thanks to all of our dedicated staff for the job you do.


Best regards, Simon Van Herrewege.