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VE Day 2020


Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day as it is more commonly known, is celebrated yearly, and this year saw the 75th anniversary! It has been 75 years since King George announced the end of World War II in Europe, with Germany unconditionally surrendering on Tuesday 8th May 1945. The day is celebrated in honor of everyone who sadly lost their lives, civilians, armed forces, and navy personnel alike, as well as those who lived through the scary times. It is a day to thank everyone who fought for our country and to remember our history.


This anniversary however we saw a change in our usual celebrations; with the current pandemic of the coronavirus gripping the nation, and consequent government advice, the plans for the bank holiday weekend were canceled in order to keep everyone safe. Regardless of this, people celebrated with their households and took to technology and the internet to celebrate, and the PrimeLife care homes were no different!


Our staff and residents worked to commemorate this victorious day over the bank holiday weekend, with tea parties, garden parties, feasts, and more. Despite not being able to be with their families, and join in on the celebrations that were planned, but were unfortunately canceled, everyone had a brilliant time, and with the use of technology were able to join in on virtual parties! A huge thank you to all PrimeLife staff, for all they have done, and are still doing; we appreciate you immensely and we know our residents do too!


We hope everyone enjoyed VE Day, and the bank holiday weekend with the sun, while staying safe, and staying home! Please do keep a look-out on our Facebook Page @PrimeLifeUK for all the photos from the homes, enjoying their VE celebrations, as well many other photos!