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The winners of the sandwich challenge

The-middlefield-winner2 hollies_sandwich-_winners
So, who was it that cut the mustard, who will relish in the big prize? Excuse the puns, but we couldn’t run a sandwich competition without throwing in a bit of ‘cheese’. Well done to all of our homes that took part in the competition. You amazed us with your creativity and truly rose to the challenge in producing the most amazing array of ‘best ever sandwiches’; as usual the task of judging such mouth watering delights was a tough, yet tasty one! Our winners, Middlefield House, produced the ‘Middlefield Ploughman’ by taking inspiration from produce and ingredients coming from ‘the middle of a field’.  Genius.  The filling included Beef and dairy farmed in Lincolnshire; along with free range eggs, beetroot and greens. The team even made a farm inspired backdrop for their sandwich picture entry. Well done Middlefield, we hope you thoroughly enjoy your prize money and top-up your Resident’s Social Fund. You deserve it after all that creativity and hard work! We are happy to be able to announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as follows: 1st Prize – £100 – Middlefield House 2nd Prize – £75 – The Hollies 3rd Prize – £50 – Hill Top
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