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The Benefits of Choosing a Dementia Care Home

As a carer, a daughter or a son, it can be an extremely difficult decision when the time comes to consider long-term care. There could be a number of triggers which prompted this new search for a care home, whether it’s a sudden deterioration in health (be this physical or mental) or you are struggling to provide the care that your loved one needs – either way, it’s an important and often painful decision thinking about long-term care.

At PrimeLife we appreciate that this is a hard decision for you and one that you need to take months deciding upon. However, there are some very good reasons for placing a loved one with dementia into care – both for them and for you.

Get the Care You Need

There comes a time, when you are no longer able to provide the care needed. This could be due to a change in circumstances, a change in physical and mental health or the best decision for you as the carer and the person you are caring for.

There are a number of care homes who specialise in providing care for those with dementia, PrimeLife included. In these specialist dementia care homes the care which your loved one needs is tailored, ensuring that they not only receive the daily care which they need – such as help getting dressed, going to the toilet or washing – but care which is designed to slow the signs of dementia. This includes running activity sessions which include memory games, reminiscing about past events and stimulating activities which are designed to trigger recollections.

 Become a Family Again

It’s often difficult caring for a parent or a loved one, as the relationship between you both shifts. Understandably you want to care for them, you love them, but it can be extremely hard, especially caring for someone with dementia. It can be emotionally and physically draining for the carer and while you may feel guilty about considering long term care, it’s often the best decision for all involved.

Your loved one will get the care they need and they will get additional support from professionals who are able to work with them to slow the progression of their dementia; and you will be able to re-establish your relationship with your loved one.