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Monday 19th April

Birch Green Care Home in Skelmersdale

“A big well done to Birch Green Care Home in Skelmersdale for this lovely review they had recently on! A shout-out to the staff team for going above and beyond ?❤

"Mum was only there for three weeks, she had terminal cancer. The kindness and compassion shown to Mum and all her family were exceptional. The staff are fabulous, and we cannot thank them enough for all they did for Mum and ourselves."

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Riversway Care Home in Bristol 

"We made these cute chick pom-poms! We also tried our hands at making some rabbits, but they look more like mice! They're still adorable if we do say so ourselves, and we all had a brilliant time making them! ??"

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Oakdene in Mansfield

“Residents at Oakdene in Mansfield paid tribute to Prince Phillip over the weekend by creating these lovely pictures ❤”

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Tuesday 20th April

The Hollies in South Normanton

“The Hollies in South Normanton had a brilliant time filming with Spore Media for the Light Up Project by First Art! We can't wait to see the results!”

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Riversway Care Home in Bristol

"Happy Birthday Joyce! ?

Joyce celebrated her 94th Birthday on the 9th of this month and she loved all her gifts from her family, and friends at Riversway!"

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Holmes Court in Leicester

“Primelife is supporting the Government's vaccination programme.

Anita a resident at Holmes Court in Leicester was proud to have had her 2nd vaccination on the 22nd of March. Anita said, "I was happy to have had the vaccination as I will now be able to see her Mum and Dad and is allowing me to go back to normal."

June a resident at Holmes Court, was proud to have had her 2nd vaccination on the 22nd of March. June said she wanted it as it "protects me and you from the virus".

Remember if you work in Primelife and haven’t had your vaccination yet, you can still book to get one using the National Booking System on…/coronavi…/book-coronavirus-vaccination/ or by calling 119.

If you want to know more about the COVID-19 vaccination you can play the Primelife interactive digital game CoronaBee or go to to find out more.”

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Meadow View in Alcester

“As Meadow View in Alcester don't have any of their own pets, they are celebrating Pet Month with photos of the staff's pets on the wall for everyone to view ??”

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Wednesday 21st April

Peaker Park Care Village in Market Harborough

“A big well done to the team at Peaker Park Care Village in Market Harborough! They received this lovely review on that we wanted to share?

"My mother developed Alzheimer's and like all families, we wanted the best care and found plenty of options. However, we were sold the upside without thinking through the downside. After moving her into one home, her condition deteriorated and she became challenging so we found that, as quick as the home had welcomed us, they wanted her moved out. It would have been smarter if we had found a home that could scale up to manage her condition through to end of life. Thankfully, we found Peaker Park. The facilities were excellent and the staff were amazing. From the first call and throughout their assessments, they focused on mapping my mother's needs. Throughout her stay, the team took great care to manage her condition and worked well with the local authorities, doctors, and dentists. Covid obviously caused significant disruption, but even as my mother's condition deteriorated they found ways to keep us close."

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Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Happy Birthday Pam!?

Pam celebrated her birthday on the 10th of this month, and she loved her gifts, and the flowers we gave her ?”

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Stoneygate Road in Leicester

“Stoneygate Road in Leicester had a memorial to Prince Phillip on Saturday, with a Royal tea for lunch before sitting together to watch the funeral ❤”

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Thursday 22nd April

Barbara Lambert

Let’s Celebrate Carers is an incredible campaign that allows the care community, both paid and unpaid, to share personal stories about their time during the pandemic, and we wanted to share one of our very own, Barbara Lambert, whose contribution has been recognized and celebrated!

Barbara is a trainer who works with Prime Life to provide essential training and support.

“Barbara has gone above and beyond adapting to change during the pandemic. Barbara provides training and hands-on support to help care workers to feel confident in their skills especially when they are new. Barbara has had to adapt how she provides this support this year, gearing up with PPE and ensuring that support is provided whilst social distancing. Despite having her own family commitments, Barbara has supported the care teams 100% even when there has been an outbreak in the home. Barbara has ensured that essential training has continued so that our carers can continue to provide great care. It has been a worrying time for all and everyone has had their resilience tested. Barbara has come up trumps every time and we are extremely grateful.”

Check out for more amazing stories!”

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Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Riversway Cinema time! We enjoyed watching Mowgli with yummy ice cream as a snack!”

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White Acres in Shepshed

“Primelife is supporting the Government’s vaccination programme.

White Acres in Shepshed had their 2nd COVID-19 vaccinations at the end of last month, and one staff member said "she could run the marathon now", while another said it's "one way to freedom."

Resident Stephen, and staff members Emily, Louisa, Melissa, Bonnie, Leanne and Grace wanted to share the moment they had their vaccinations!

Remember if you work in Primelife and haven’t had your vaccination yet, you can still book to get one using the National Booking System on or by calling 119.

If you want to know more about the COVID-19 vaccination you can play the Primelife interactive digital game CoronaBee or go to to find out more.”

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Old Station Close in Shepshed

“Old Station Close in Shepshed are celebrating Pet Month with new additions to the home! The home's Mickey Mouse Platty fish had over 40 babies, and resident Heidi had 2 kittens named Freddy and George!”

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Friday 23rd April

Meadow View in Alcester

“A big well done to Meadow View in Alcester for this brilliant 5* review they've had on! ??

“My mum has been in Meadow View for nearly two years, and I can honestly say I could not have chosen a better home for her. The home has a friendly atmosphere, and the rooms are clean, light and bright. The staff are the best asset, especially the manager. They have managed the pandemic situation incredibly well and kept her safe. This week, I had my first managed visit, and I can't thank them enough; it was wonderful.”

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Anna Pniewska at The Mount

“A massive congratulations to Anna as after 2.5 years, Anna has taken the Jump into Home management with PrimeLife, following a promotion internally.

The Quality Matters team would like to thank her for the time within the team and wishing her all the best in her New Path! Anna will be missed as part of The QM team, however, will be brilliant in her new role!

Congratulations Anna from everyone at PrimeLife!”

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Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Pam and Shirley enjoyed a lovely hand massage with Linda, which left them feeling really relaxed ☺️”

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Oakdene in Mansfield

“The ladies in the knitting club at Oakdene in Mansfield have been getting ready for Christmas by making some festive style teddies.

They also all enjoyed hot milky coffees and biscuits whilst they worked hard on their craft!”

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Saturday 24th April

Riversway Care Home in Bristol 

“A very kind lady named Lorna visited the reception over the Easter period, and gave the home these cute little Easter hats with a chocolate egg inside for the residents! She hand-made all of them, and they look amazing! It was such a nice gesture, and we'll be sending her a thank you card made by the residents! ?”

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Meadow View in Alcester

“Over in Alcester, the team at Meadow View set up this amazing display to Celebrate the Queens birthday last Wednesday.

We hope that it brightened up the residents day and a truly inspiring way to Celebrate her majesty's life.

Well done Penny and the Team for setting up the display safely with Covid-19 infection control in mind, viewing but not touching!”

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Lutterworth Country House in Lutterworth

“Lutterworth County House in Lutterworth had a brilliant afternoon yesterday, celebrating the Queen's 95th birthday as well as the birthdays of 2 of their very own residents! Everyone had fun wearing jewels and tiaras!”

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Riversway Care Home in Bristol 

"Harry enjoyed doing this puzzle with Linda! ?

Has anyone does a good jigsaw puzzle recently?"

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Sunday 25th April

Beechlands in Leicester

“Beechlands in Leicester are promoting equality and diversity by giving the residents an opportunity to learn about different religions and cultures.

Actively promoting and providing learning opportunities, around cultural and religious differences, not only helps those of various backgrounds to understand others but also promotes well-being and a sense of inclusion to the home.

Well done Beechlands for providing this opportunity to your residents!”

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Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Here are some more of the pom-pom chicks that the residents had a blast making over Easter! We got creative alongside some tea, and of course cake! ?”

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Welholme Road in Grimsby

“Primelife is supporting the Government’s vaccination programme.

Welholme Road in Grimsby had their 2nd vaccinations this month and staff members wanted to share their thoughts!

Marie said she wanted to get the vaccine to make sure that everything could get back to normal for her daughter!

Tracy, who was hesitant at first, went forward with having the vaccine as she knew action needed to be taken to get back to normality.

Hazel said she knew she wanted it to protect herself and her family as much as possible, and Sophie told us the vaccination injections didn’t hurt and she luckily had no side effects!

Remember if you work in Primelife and haven’t had your vaccination yet, you can still book to get one using the National Booking System on or by calling 119.

If you want to know more about the COVID-19 vaccination you can play the Primelife interactive digital game CoronaBee or go to to find out more.”

Riversway Care Home in Bristol

“Mo loved the little lamb Teddy we gave her! She snuggled up with it ?”

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