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As the rollout for the COVID-19 Vaccinations gets underway, we caught up with two of the care assistants at Barons Park in Kirby Muxloe who have just received theirs.


“It’s worth it for the peace of mind.”

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Care Assistant: Maisie Biggs

Maisie Biggs who has worked at Barons Park as a Care Assistant since August 2020, had the first dose of the vaccine at the home this week. Prior to receiving it, she was really anxious. Maisie said “I’m nervous but I want it. I just don’t like needles. I’m a little scared, but I know it’s important and needs to be done.”

Maisie disclosed that she has a Penicillin allergy which was concerning her initially. Maisie sought advice from the vaccination team who helped to put her at ease. Once Maisie was assured that she was safe, the team administered the vaccine.

When asked afterwards how she was feeling about the process and whether she had any advice for others who may also have some concerns about the vaccine, she said, “Honestly, just do it. It’s worth it for the peace of mind.  I was worried before, but they made me feel better and it was easy.”


Care Assistant: Demi Lee

Demi Lee, a care assistant who joined the team at the beginning of March, was offered the first dose of the vaccination today. Demi jumped at the chance and was really enthusiastic about the process!

When asked about whether she had any advice for anyone thinking about receiving the vaccine, she said “it’s simple, just get it. Honestly the only concern I had was that it would hurt.  I wasn’t worried about anything felt very well informed.”

Demi further explained her reasons for taking the vaccine, “For my Dad mainly, he’s a vulnerable person and I didn’t want to put him in any harm’s way.  But also, at the end of the day, we have a duty of care to our residents to keep them safe, that’s what I’m doing.”


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