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Fiki Nsthingle, the Nurse Manager at Middlefield House in Gainsborough, recently had her 1st dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and wanted to share her experience and thoughts with us.

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How long have you been with PrimeLife, and what type of service do you manage?

“On March 17th, it will be 18 years! I started out as an ordinary nurse and worked my way up to deputy in 2006 and became Nurse Manager in 2012. Middlefield is a nursing and residential home with residents whose needs are associated with learning disability, physical disability and complex care.”


“Taking another chance with life”


When did you take the COVID-19 vaccine, and which vaccine was it?

“On the 30th of January, and I’m looking forward to my second dose! I took the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.”

What was your main reason for taking the vaccine?

“Taking another chance with life! The virus has claimed so many lives, and now that I have had it I feel more confident approaching people, while of course still wearing the correct PPE. I feel like the virus is now less deadly, and if I do get it, it won’t be as severe, so I encourage other people to take it!

I also work with and take care of vulnerable adults, and so we need to protect ourselves in order to protect them and others, such as our family, friends, people we walk by etc.”

Was it painful, and did you have any side effects?

“It was just like a sharp scratch! I only had a heavy arm after the injection that lasted around a day, I was luckily off work that day, so I was able to just go home, and watch some football!”

“Protected from the virus”


Why do you think it’s important for others to take up the option of having a vaccine?

“To protect ourselves. While we may now feel protected after having the vaccine, we may not feel protected around others who haven’t had it yet. It’s important they have the option of protecting themselves and others too.

Taking the vaccine for yourself and those around you, may also give you the confidence that the virus is still around but it is no longer so severe. It gives you a new lease of life, I think! Not all diseases have vaccines and I believe we should take it for our own, and everyone else’s benefit.”

What effect do you think it will have on residents if more people take up the offer of a vaccine?

“More confidence for the residents, and for their family and friends, in that they are in good hands and more protected from the virus.”

How have you encouraged your staff team to have the vaccine?

“The permanent staff were lining up to get theirs, which was extremely encouraging! For other staff that are more hesitant I mention the benefits of taking the vaccine, how it may help and because we are working with vulnerable adults, how it is more beneficial.”