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Over the past month, Prime Life have been proud to have been welcoming safe visits at their homes. Thank you to managers, staff members and visitors who have worked incredibly hard to make these visits happen!

As we move closer to the next date in the UK roadmap to easing restrictions, we wanted to share some of the successful visits in the homes, and what the residents and visitors had to say.


St Georges in Leicester

John said he loved seeing his relative as it made a lovely change, and Anne said it was really good to see John in person and is so happy that she can now come in and see him!
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Meadow View Care Home in Alcester

“Today I held my Mum's hand for the first time in 12 months. I'm truly grateful to have been given this opportunity thanks to Penny and her staff.

Their attention to detail, understanding of the importance of strict infection control protocol, and in short, their heroic efforts in keeping our loved ones safe and happy for the last 12 months has made today possible.

Today's visit with my Mum was an enjoyable occasion. The testing, donning of PPE with clear explanation at what to expect at every stage, was sentiment to the strong leadership Meadow View has in Penny Turvey.

Mum and I felt comfortable, relaxed and above all, safe during our visit.

I will always be grateful to all the staff at Meadow View for everything they have done for my Mum."

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Chamberlaine Court in Bedworth

Sonia said she was very excited to see her son in person and had been looking forward to it all day!

Paul, who was visiting the home for the first time, said he loves it! He also said it's lovely to be able to see his mum, as Sonia moved into the home when prior restrictions were in place.

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Kirklees in Grimsby

Delna Green was lucky enough to have her first indoor visit from her sister Jenny.

It is so nice to be able to welcome you back Jenny and to see the lovely smile on Delna's face.

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Oakdene in Mansfield

Sue had a brilliant visit with her daughter for Mothers Day!

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Meadow View in Alcester

“It was great to be able to see my father in his room today. The visit went very smoothly. I took a lateral flow test whilst sat in my car in the carpark and once I had the ‘all clear’ with a negative test I put on a face mask, a plastic apron and gloves and was then able to visit my father in his room. It was so nice to see him face to face and be able to hold his hand after such a long time. A big thank you to Penny and everyone at the home for all they do and for making my visit such an enjoyable experience.”

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“Just a quick note to say big thanks for the first visit to mum's room yesterday. I think the visits to the pod have been / are beneficial for me at least because I’ve seen her with my own eyes, but I felt yesterday that mum benefitted so much more from not being behind the screen. She looked so fragile and vulnerable sat there when I walked in, yet despite the face covering she realised who I was straight away, and there was instantly a magical light in her eyes, a light I hadn’t seen in the pod somehow.

It was nice to see her room looking so clean and tidy, and the new curtains (well new since I was last in there in March 2020) made a lot of difference.”

[gallery size="medium" columns="1" ids="781769"] "This morning for the first time I was able to visit my mother in her room. The procedures in place to make the visit possible are so well-run. Meadow View has been amazing throughout this COVID pandemic, my thanks fo out to all the team for keeping my mum safe." [gallery size="medium" columns="1" ids="781770"]

"I was so pleased to see Joan on such good form this afternoon. It was great being able to sit with her in her room and chat. It makes such a difference actually being with someone.

I hadn't seen inside the home or her room, so it was good to be able to do that. Her room is lovely, spacious, and light.

I was relieved that the Covid test wasn't as awful as I imagined! Thank you for making it all so clear and easy to deal with.

I will certainly come and visit her again soon."

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Riversway Care Home in Bristol

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Thank you again to everyone who has been extremely patient throughout this time. We're excited for the next step, in welcoming more COVID-19 safe visits!