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Monday 24th May


Beechlands in Leicester

Debbie decided to make her favourite meal, chicken and rice.

It's a big part of Debbie's culture, so not only is it a tasty treat but also brings back loads of memories.

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Riversway in Bristol

We made these chocolate flapjacks today! They were so delicious, we enjoyed them with a good cuppa!

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Little Acers in Nuthall

Emma would like to give a shout out to her team for an outstanding Sit and See result of 90% Positive Care, the home received last Friday.

A few of the things observed included: "The staff member knelt beside a client to talk and gave them time to process and reply to the request."

"Staff members offered opportunities of empowerment to the clients in the form of day to day tasks they wished to complete."

"Staff were seen to be wearing the correct PPE at all times and promoted hand hygiene with all clients."

Emma and her team have done an amazing job, Very Well Done everyone!

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Peaker Park Care Village in Market Harborough

A huge well done to Peaker Park Care Village for this lovely review they received on! A big shout-out to the incredible staff team there ??

"My mother required nursing care following a brain aneurysm last year, where she was unfortunately left with no mobility or communication. I am so grateful for the excellent and specialist care being provided by the nursing and care team at Peaker Park.

In addition to providing for my mother's daily care needs, they also ensured my mother's pre-existing medical conditions are anticipated and monitored, as she can no longer express this herself. Communication with the Care Team Leader has also been exemplary. I am always updated on what actions they are taking to ensure my mother's wellbeing and health. This has not only been actions within the nursing home but also proactively with specialist health providers. It is reassuring to know that my mother is being looked after this well and a blessing that she is happy in her setting."

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Tuesday 25th May


Oakdene in Mansfield

These wonderful paintings have been completed by one of the residents. ?️

Just amazing work, well done! ❤️

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Riversway in Bristol

We made these beautiful paper roses while listening to some good old rock and roll and enjoyed some lovely cakes!

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Stoneygate Road in Leicester

It was all fun and games at the weekend with some Table Tennis, Pool and a spot of relaxation with some colouring!

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Wednesday 26th May


River Meadows in Kineton

A huge well done to River Meadows in Kineton for this lovely review they received on! A big shout-out to the incredible staff team there ??

"In difficult times, it is always a good experience visiting River Meadows. My dad is well cared for even though I have not yet seen the home - only his room. I welcome the opportunity to go there and then I will see the complete range of services. So far though, all staff are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive."

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Netherlands in Horncastle

Being big fans of the Disney Pixar film UP, the residents recreated the floating house for their crafting session! ?

What an amazing project, well done all!

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Riversway in Bristol

Lauren, Tracy, Natz and Hannah all received caring hero awards.

They were chosen for being so kind caring and thoughtful to others. And for always going that extra mile!

Congratulations to all 4 of you, very much deserved.

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Lilly celebrated her 85th birthday yesterday.

We decorated her room for her and she absolutely loved it! She had visits from her family and had some lovely gifts. All in all a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday, Lilly!

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Welholme Road in Grimsby

We all got together for dignity day!

They had a meal and a discussion about dignity towards others!

The picture shows the home dignity chart which they all work on together!

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Thursday 27th May


Glengarriff House in Market Rasen

Debbie celebrated her 40th Birthday on Friday.

Debbie said that she had "the best day!"  Who doesn't love a chocolate cake!?

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We also celebrated a birthday on Saturday! Karl loved opening his presents and was so happy that his dad came for a visit.

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Teamwork = two very happy ladies.
Carol and Sophie were extremely proud of themselves after completing this 100 piece princess jigsaw.
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St Michaels in Waddington

We found a brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon by trying some different mocktails!
Looks like a lot of fun!
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Stoneygate Road in Leicester

Over the weekend, Stoneygate Road in Leicester had a board game day, with Monopoly being the game of choice. ?
No better way to spend a rainy day, looks like fun!
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Riversway in Bristol

We decided to enjoy the sunshine and got busy planting our flowers in the pots ready to make the garden look beautiful again.
Everyone enjoyed themselves and all had a go whilst we listened to some 50s rock and roll!
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Yesterday Dru celebrated her birthday! We decorated her room for the special day and she absolutely loved her birthday flowers. Happy birthday Dru!

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Stoneygate Oaklands in Leicester

We had a cookie baking day! ?
All the residents really enjoyed baking the cookies and might have enjoyed eating the results a little bit more!
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Friday 28th May


River Meadows in Kineton

River Meadows in Kineton continue to shine with this lovely review they received on! A big well done to the incredible staff team there ??
"My nan has received exceptional care from the moment she arrived. The communication between ourselves and the staff have been brilliant, and nothing has been too much for them. Each week we have noticed an improvement in my nan's health, and we can't thank the team for their hard work."
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Riversway in Bristol

Riversway Cinema Time!
We watched Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and enjoyed a nice cool ice cream!
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Meadow View in Alcester

The residents and staff went 'Back to School' for another Dementia Action Week activity.
They all reminisced about their school days whilst experiencing familiar school sounds, such as the bell and classroom. They also did some classic school lessons such as time's tables, all lead by staff member Matthew Jones who was the teacher for the day.
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Glengarriff House in Market Rasen

Who doesn't love playing with Lego? If you ever walk past Glengarriff House, then you will most definitely recognise Karl. Karl loves sitting in the conservatory making these masterpieces! Look how proud he is well done, Karl [gallery size="medium" ids="782846,782847,782848,782849,782850,782851"]  

Saturday 29th May


Meadow View in Alcester

More fun and games for Dementia Action Week, the staff ran a senses activity for residents where they were given a covered-up item to touch and for them to guess what it may be!
There were some great guesses and answers. Well done to the ones that got it straight away!
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Riversway in Bristol

Dexter the cat loves to sit in our garden.
He sits right in with the strawberry plants soaking up the sunshine!
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We played lots of different games today using the balloons and parachute.
 Everyone had a very fun time!
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Sunday 30th May


Riversway in Bristol

We made some delicious mini fruit and fresh cream tarts.
After we enjoyed eating them with a cuppa whilst we sang a few hymns!
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Meadow View in Alcester

A challenge for Dementia Action Week, the residents had fun playing socks in the basket!

Each resident had to see how many socks they could get into the basket, there were a few near misses and but there were quite a few hits!

Everyone had so much fun!

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