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Monday 17th May


The Fieldings in Sutton-in-Ashfield

Primelife is supporting the Government’s vaccination programme.

The Staff and Residents had their 2nd COVID-19 vaccination.

They had some people not keen on needles, they had some who didn’t mind, and they had one that made a silly face. Non the less they all pulled together and worked as a team to get them all vaccinated to help protect one and another.

To book your vaccination use the National Booking System on or by calling 119.

If you want to know more about the COVID-19 vaccination you can play the Primelife interactive digital game CoronaBee or go to to find out more.

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Riversway in Bristol

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon with some cheese and wine, whilst we played some music.

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Loran House in Hull

A big well done Loran House in Hull for this lovely review they had recently on!

“I have been extremely lucky to be able to see my sister through the window in the garden and in the pod.”

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Tuesday 18th May


Meadow View in Alcester

Fun on the bus time! ? Some of the residents went on a bus tour of Warwickshire.

This bus wasn’t stopping but they all enjoyed the wonderful tour of Stratford Upon Avon and the surrounding area.

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Riversway in Bristol

Take a look at these delicious cheese and ham pasties we made. We decided to enjoy them with a nice cuppa and some old music, which we had playing in the background! It was a very nice, relaxing, afternoon.

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Wednesday 19th May


Phoenix Park Care Village in Scunthorpe

Another well done to Phoenix Park Care Village in Scunthorpe for this amazing review they received on! ??   “Soon my wife, a lifelong Glasgow Rangers fan will have been at Hilltop for 3 years. Throughout her stay my wife has been safe, better looked after than any through any care I could provide at home, nurtured emotionally, physically and yes, as I look back, with probably every essential care need exceeded in its application. Where I failed to meet my wife’s care needs, Hilltop has succeeded. I had no intention of singling any individuals out either but the empathetic Manager especially and Unit 2 Care Team Leader deserve this. Thank you all who work within Unit 2, or make its work possible through reception and administration, cleaning, laundry, catering, building maintenance and the other ancillary services. I have in consequence built up an enormous debt – one of gratitude – including that my wife will never know or learn about the Hilltop manager’s unswerving allegiance to Celtic!”
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Riversway in Bristol

We popped in to see the residents and asked them what they would like from the shops. Everyone got to enjoy a nice little treat of their choosing. We handed out their little gifts from our trolley and everyone was pleased.

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Lilian and her husband Gwyn celebrated 64 years of marriage on 18th May! Many congratulations to you both.

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Netherlands in Horncastle

Bingo followed by a pampering session last Sunday.

The bingo was full of laughter and the pampering sessions involved, face masks, facials and manicures, whilst enjoying a tasty hot chocolate.

Everyone had such a fun time!

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Fir Close in Louth

We had some Parachute fun with the resident’s today!

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Thursday 20th May


Meadow View in Alcester

We enjoyed a nice Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate!

The mixture of hot and cold might sound odd, but everyone fully enjoyed the treat!

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Riversway in Bristol

After today’s activities, Rita decided to help out by doing the dishes.

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Friday 21st May


Meadow View in Alcester 

For Dementia Action Week, Edwina a resident wanted to lead the resident in their relaxed arm chairs exercises which were then followed by some wonderful dancing.

Brilliant work Edwina and everyone who took part, looks like you all had a lot of fun!

You can view a video of the action on our Facebook page!

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Riversway in Bristol

We all sat and enjoyed our Riversway Pub Club, with lots of fun, music, drinks, snacks and laughs, everyone had a brilliant time!

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Loran House in Hull

A huge well done to Loran House for this lovely review they received on! A big shout-out to the incredible staff team there ??   “My mother-in-law has been a resident at Loran House since April 2020 (2 weeks into lockdown). She was admitted at the worst possible time, initially as a temporary resident from hospital so we as a family had no choice/input into the care home chosen. We couldn’t meet staff or see inside the home which, during these unprecedented times, was extremely distressing for us all but finally, after almost a year, I can now visit my mother-in-law weekly inside the home where I have now had the opportunity to meet the friendly staff and, more importantly, the newly appointed manager. It’s been a difficult year for care homes, residents and their families and it is early days in his new role as manager but things are changing for the better already and it’s comforting to finally see my mother-in-law inside the home after such a long time. She constantly tells us how lovely the staff are and how good the food is and plenty of it.”
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Beechlands in Leicester

Kalwant, one of our residents is attending her brother’s wedding today!

She is “our very own Indian princess”. We hope you have a wonderful day, Kalwant, you look fabulous.

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Saturday 22nd May


Woodville Residential Care Home in Woodville

Woodville Care Home would like to say a massive thank you to Cathy, one of their lovely volunteer who comes in every week to spend time with some of our residents. (Whilst following current guidelines). She has supported some of the residents to make these beautiful wreaths.

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Riversway in Bristol

We had a lovely afternoon playing bingo, guess the sentences and higher or lower (or play your cards right!). Everyone was a winner as the residents had a raffle ticket each so they got a prize from our raffle, and we all got to enjoy a lovely carrot cake!

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We made these pom poms flowers in pots, they look lovely! We also got to enjoy cake and a good chat!

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Meadow View in Alcester 

We received this donation from a lovely lady called Janine!

The dog’s name is Pugh and has brought such joy to one particular resident this Dementia Action Week as it stimulated the dog lover in herself.

You can view a video of the pup in action on our Facebook page!

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Sunday 23rd May


Oakdene in Mansfield

We received some Fire Safety training this week from the wonderful Blaize in the Quality Matters Team.

Fantastic work everyone!

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Beechlands in Leicester

Sarita and Abdi helped make sandwiches for our picnic.

They look very tasty, good job team!

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Riversway in Bristol

Today we made some delicious doughnuts! ? Later we listened to some music, enjoyed a nice cuppa and a doughnut after, they were very tasty indeed!
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