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Monday 31st


Riversway in Bristol

We surprised some of our residents with a gift of their favourite treat!   [gallery size="medium" ids="782856,782857,782858"]  

Brockshill Woodlands in Leicester

Brockshill Woodlands in Leicester have had this outstanding review on! A big well done to the incredible staff team there ?? "My nan had been a client at Woodlands a few times over the years and during the covid pandemic, she was not able to manage at home so she went back to Woodlands where she felt safe, happy and content. She was extremely happy and very well cared for. All the staff, including the manager, treated her with nothing but dignity and respect even though she could be a little cheeky. She was shown love and treated as one of the Woodlands family. Sadly my nan passed away peacefully on the 23rd of April. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every staff member for all the love and support they gave my nan over the years. You have all gone above and beyond and we as a family will be forever grateful. You all are amazing and have the biggest of hearts." [gallery columns="1" size="medium" ids="781902"]  

Tuesday 1st


Stoneygate Road in Leicester

We enjoyed the sunshine this bank holiday weekend, with a trip to the local park and relaxing the garden! We even enjoyed a small game of drafts in the garden! [gallery size="medium" ids="782953,782954,782955,782956,782957,782958"]  

Oakdene in Mansfield

With the sun shining high, some of the residents enjoyed a spot of gardening at the weekend. ?? [gallery size="medium" ids="782993,782994,782995,782996,782997,782998"]  

Riversway in Bristol

Ken made this colourful windchime!  Whilst working on the project we had a nice chat and he enjoyed a cuppa and a few biscuits. [gallery columns="5" ids="782859,782860,782861,782862,782863"]  

Wednesday 2nd


Seacroft in Skegness

Nothing better than enjoying the sun, and that's exactly what two of the residents at Seacroft in Skegness did! [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="782960,782961"]  


Meadow View in Alcester

Meadow View in Alcester received this amazing review on! A big well done to the incredible staff team there ?? " I would just like to say how pleased I am with the conduct and attitude of the staff in relation to the COVID pandemic and for also being on the ball with PPE and the testing of visitors. I had a lovely visit with my friend. All made possible by the care and devotion of all the staff at Meadow View Care Centre. I can't praise them enough." [gallery columns="1" size="medium" ids="781902"]  

Riversway in Bristol

Today we made fresh cream and strawberry meringues! We dipped them in chocolate and enjoyed them with a cuppa and a natter. [gallery size="medium" ids="782864,782865,782866,782867,782871,782872"]  

Thursday 3rd


Fir Close in Louth

Today we are celebrating Lesley's 79th birthday hope you enjoy your day ❤️ [gallery columns="1" size="medium" ids="783024"]  

Glengarriff House in Market Rasen

The residents were asked where they'd like to go on holiday...... Jackie chose Blackpool.
Jackie said that she'd like to see The Blackpool Tower, the donkeys and have an ice cream on the beach ⛱ ??
If you could choose somewhere to go, where would it be?
[gallery size="medium" ids="783026,783027,783028,783029,783031,783032"]  

Riversway in Bristol

We painted little pebbles to put around the water feature in our beautiful garden. It was also a chance to enjoy a cuppa and a slice of toffee cake! [gallery size="medium" ids="782897,782900,782903,782904,782899,782910"]  

Netherlands in Horncastle

We have enjoyed much needed time in the sunshine, with lunch on the decking, tea and cake in the afternoon ?☕ and a game of skittles with Yvonne being the winner with the most skittles knocked down ?! We hope everyone had as much fun this bank holiday as we did! [gallery size="medium" ids="782972,782973,782978,782967,782970,782969"]  

Oakdene in Mansfield

We enjoyed a small game of dominoes. Once the game was over they helped out by setting tables ready for Dinner! [gallery size="medium" ids="783000,783001,783002,783003,783004,783005"]  

Friday 4th


Riversway in Bristol

We enjoyed a mid-morning chat with a cuppa and listened to a few old songs by Vera Lyn. An absolutely lovely way to spend a morning. [gallery columns="5" ids="782915,782916,782917,782918,782919"]    

Stoneygate Road in Leicester

With the weather heating up, two of the residents wanted to help out by watering the plants and making sure they stay nice and healthy! ?? Good work chaps, I'm sure the plants needed it! [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="782987,782988"]  

Peaker Park Care Village in Market Harborough

Peaker Park Care Village in Market Harborough received this marvellous review on! A big well done to the incredible staff team there ?? " We are very happy with the care, nothing is too much trouble and they are there most of the time and keep me informed every day. My husband is in Bowden Unit." [gallery columns="1" size="medium" ids="781902"]  

Saturday 5th


Oakdene in Mansfield

We had an afternoon of Chair Ball Exercises! Always good to get the body moving! [gallery size="medium" ids="783009,783010,783011,783012,783013,783014"]  

Riversway in Bristol

We enjoyed making these beautiful wooden jewellery boxes, we used pretty paper and decoupaged them! As always it gave us a chance to enjoy a cake and a cuppa. [gallery size="medium" ids="782931,782930,782933,782923,782939,782924"]   Bleddyn enjoyed the sunshine in the garden! We showed him our strawberry plants and he got to taste a few of the first crop! [gallery size="medium" ids="782945,782946,782948"]    

Stoneygate Oaklands in Leicester

The residents at Stoneygate Oaklands asked to do some crafts! They took inspiration from the colour of the flower to do their artwork.  [gallery columns="5" ids="783018,783019,783020,783021,783022"]  

Sunday 6th


Riversway in Bristolrd

Pam, Rita and Joyce very kindly helped with the dishes after our activity! Thank you for the help Ladies! [gallery size="medium" ids="782950,782951,782952"]