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Stress Awareness Month + National Tea Day

Today, 21st April, marks the UK’s National Tea Day, and this year, they are supporting Mind Charity alongside Stress Awareness Month, to raise awareness, over the benefits of sharing a cup of tea.


Alongside day-to-day stress, COVID-19 has added a multitude of other pressure and anxiety and unmanaged stress can lead to physical health issues alongside mental health issues.

  • Physical issues can include components in heart disease, diabetes, ulcers and more
  • Mental health issues may be depression and/or anxiety, and in turn may create a lack of energy or motivation, which are necessary for exercise and other healthy behaviours

Stress can also be an element that seeps into other areas of your life i.e., work stress affecting your personal life or vice versa. It can sometimes even go undetected, and if you think you are having symptoms such as sleepless nights, low energy, more headaches, aches and pains and more, please get in touch with your GP. This month, or from today why not start The Stress Management Society’s 30-day challenge, to help you de-stress. You can find out more at The Stress Management Society – From Distress to De-Stress.


So this National Tea Day, why not grab a cup of your preferred tea and a (socially distanced and COVID-19 safe) chat! It can be a relaxed chat or even talking more about how you’re feeling and coping. Talking has been proven to be a great stress relief. Here are some of the teas we love and their benefits!

  • Black tea can help fortify lungs as well as decrease the likelihood of dementia
  • White tea can help fight cardiovascular disease
  • Ginger tea can help with circulation and is filled with Vitamin C
  • Rooibos tea is anti-inflammatory
  • Peppermint tea can help with better digestion
  • Matcha green tea can help boost metabolism and lower cholesterol
  • Green tea contains antioxidants, may help prevent cardiovascular diseases, as well as type 2 diabetes
  • Chamomile tea can help to calm nerves, regulate diabetes and even improve complexion!

This month the Care Workers’ Charity is also hosting ‘Cuppa for Care’, which is a chance to raise money for the charity! If you’re a Prime Life employee, or know someone who works in a care home, why not get together for a hot drink, some cake and raise money for The Care Workers’ charity, while taking the time to check in on one another.

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