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River Meadows Minions ‘Run for Home’ For Charity!

On Sunday 28th September, staff from River Meadows participated in the ‘Run For Home’ Charity Event organized through Heart FM. The team consisted of four staff members dressed as minions and raised a great £1,400 for the ‘Make Some Noise’ charity. The money raised from this event will be shared amongst disadvantaged children in the West Midlands and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. So what is the ‘Run for Home’ Event: The concept is simple… The teams all have to dress up and are transported to a secret location up to 100 miles away from their first check point. It is then up to the team to make their way back in the quickest time without using any cash!
What you are about to read contains close arrest, illegal train rides, and hitch hiking. We do not condone fair dodging on trains or other forms of public transport or normally encourage our staff to hitchhike! But when it’s for a good cause and in the safety of a group and part of an organised event, we say why not!   Staff from River Meadows care home were taken to Milton Keynes to carry out their treasure hunt and then had to make their way back to Leamington Spa. They initially struggled getting out of Milton Keynes! They tried to jump on the train but were stopped, so after persuading a local taxi driver they made it to the next village along, where they then got on the train to Northampton, they were feeling quite pleased with themselves for getting on without paying, however this bubble was soon burst when they were threatened with arrest as they arrived at Northampton station. After convincing the conductor to let them go (after all it was all for charity and none of our staff would ever consider jumping a train) they had to make their way to Coventry where they were fortunate to secure a lift to the check in point at Leamington Spa, where they stopped for refreshments. 2 hours later and they were on their way again, this time heading to the second check point at Edgebaston Cricket ground. After thumbing a lift from a passer-by they were making good time, until the event instructions flew out of the open car window and they had to turn back round to go and find them! 7 hours after the event started and they were back at the final check point in Leamington Spa. We’re very proud of the team who made a great effort and raised a considerable amount for a worthwhile charity.
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