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Raising our standard of service

We’re raising the standard of our service with a new internal training programme praised by staff. Internal training was recently carried out at Fir Close, in Louth, Lincolnshire, which has inspired staff and improved levels of care. The training company, One Way Training, has introduced some innovative new ways to deliver the sessions. Barbara Lambert, from the training company, ran the short taught sessions, which are followed by observations of practice to check the knowledge learned was being applied correctly. A detailed report is then compiled for managers so they too can understand the learning process and evaluate the training, which has been undertaken. A member of staff, from the care home, said: “The staff enjoy Barbara’s training methods so much that they are always willing to attend her sessions – even on days off. They leave the training sessions full of knowledge, discussing what activities they have completed in the sessions and saying how much they have enjoyed it. “I have heard the staff in the training sessions with Barbara, interacting and taking full opportunity of Barbara’s vast knowledge.” A number of key areas are covered throughout the sessions, which include dignity in care, challenging behaviour with people living with dementia and mental health issues and safeguarding adults. James Wood, Managing Director of PrimeLife, said: “At PrimeLife we are committed to ensuring our high standards of care are not only maintained but improved. This is why we commissioned this excellent training programme. “Barbara goes the extra mile and will follow up on areas of good practice that she sees around PrimeLife homes. “She recently worked with a member of staff who showed a keen interest in a client with dementia who wanted to take up writing. Barbara worked with all parties involved and it was discovered that the client had a real talent when putting pen to paper.”
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