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New Year Resolutions


With every new year, goals are created; usually, as positive changes to be made throughout the year. On average new year, resolutions fail by the second week of February; many of us set high goals that quickly become overwhelming due to lack of planning, which may lead to a lack of motivation and therefore a broken resolution. This year we investigated ways to help achieve our resolutions in order to help us keep them a little longer.

  • The key to keeping a resolution, is to break it down into small, tangible steps, i.e. instead of saying “I want to get fit”, break it down into the different components of the goal. From looking at your diet, getting better sleep, drinking more water, and setting a specific goal of working out twice a week and building that up.
  • Planning is essential; for a goal such as stopping smoking for example, instead of quitting cold turkey, it may be better to speak to a healthcare professional and support groups, as well as products that help quit the habit, to help plan for what may help and is best for you.
  • Simpler goals are easier to achieve; setting a goal that is smaller can be more motivational, and you are more likely to stick to it. For example, learning a new skill such as learning to cook, you may find new recipes online that you like, which in turn may help save money, and potentially be healthier.
  • Sharing a goal with someone; a goal such as walking more often, or exercising may be easier when you have someone to share it with as you may both motivate each other to continue.
  • Finally, it’s important to be ok with not sticking to your resolution 100%. Studies show that once someone has broken a resolution, they tend to not go back to it due to the feeling of ‘failure’ and lack of motivation. However, it is key to remember that you can start again or continue from where you’ve left off. It takes roughly 21 days of doing something repetitively for it to become a habit! A resolution or goal doesn’t have to start from January 1st; every day is a new day!

Good luck to everyone with their goals for 2021!