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Living Eggs project at Holmes House

Spring is in full swing and at Holmes House they’re certainly getting in the spirit with the launch of their ‘Living Eggs’ project. Earlier this month the Leicestershire based home introduced a number of chickens and provided incubators for some of the eggs to hatch. Both residents and staff took great pleasure in collecting freshly laid chicken eggs for cooking and the progress of the developing chicks was eagerly monitored as well. Once the chicks were born the residents really enjoyed passing them around and watching them take their first steps. 740.000 (1) The whole activity has been very rewarding for everyone involved. ‘Looking after the chickens and the chicks as well as collecting the eggs has given residents something to look forward to on a daily basis’ says Rachel Livingstone, manager of the home. One resident in particular, Peter, particularly enjoyed helping to build the coop for the chickens [photographed below] and the project will continue to run over the next few months. 765 (2)
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