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Friendship blessing at Little Acres

Two residents at Little Acres Nottingham have celebrated their relationship in a special blessing ceremony at the Nottingham home. David and Sheila met each other at Little Acres and they have been together for 5 years now. Recently they asked if a special ceremony could take place at the home to celebrate their love. They decided that a friendship blessing was exactly what they wanted, a day in which to be thankful for their close bond with one another. Family and friends agreed that this was a wonderful idea and a date was arranged for it to be held. A minister carried out the blessing last month and David bought beautiful rings for the couple to wear. Family and friends, from both inside and outside of the home, watched as Sheila walked down the aisle that had been beautifully laid out for her. Over 70 people attended the ceremony and it was a heart-warming occasion for everyone involved. David and Sheila are pictured with friends and family below: P1020379 (1) Care home manager Marie said: ‘It was lovely to be a part of David and Sheila’s special day. They do absolutely everything together and it couldn’t have been a better celebration for them. The home was in very good spirits and it was fantastic to have everyone come together. James Wood, PrimeLife’s Managing Director, also offered his congratulations to the happy couple and regarded the whole occasion as a ‘lovely way to celebrate their relationship’. ‘The Right Time’ provided great music and entertainment throughout the day and everyone was singing ‘All things bright and beautiful’ in high chorus. P1020367 (1) David and Sheila are currently planning a short holiday together and we couldn’t be happier for them. For more information about Little Acres care home, please click here.
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