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COVID-19 Vaccinations: A Resident’s Point of View

As the roll-out for the second COVID-19 Vaccinations gets underway, we caught up with some residents at Meadow View Care Home in Alcester who received theirs.

“The whole pandemic has been very difficult for everyone, and the home has done well and staff working very hard.”

Mr H expressed “we are so lucky to have the vaccine, cos when I watch the television there are so many people who are still awaiting their first vaccine. I don’t know how the staff have managed to keep the home safe , when there are so many care homes who have lost their residents.” He went on to ask, “well penny what’s next a big party in the garden?!”

Mrs B said “at least I’m one step further going to be able to go out with my husband and give him a kiss instead of just holding hand. I love my husband so much, we are living separate lives because of my illness, but that doesn’t stop me feeling low, but the staff rally round kept me occupied and console me when I’m down.”

Mrs H stated “at least I’m still alive to see my daughter Nicola, whereas some people have lost their loved ones.” Mrs H recommends “people should not ignore and have injection that can save your life, we’re not getting any younger are we!” She also went on to say how lovely the doctor who administered the vaccine was!

Mrs D said “the whole thing ran smoothly like the first time, the Studley Vaccination team were wonderful, pleasant and polite. The whole pandemic has been very difficult for everyone, and the home has done well and staff working very hard. I recommend to everyone to have it as I see the sad articles in the paper, and on the news and know how hard people must work to save lives.”

Mr. B expressed he is lucky to have the vaccines, the doctor was really nice, and he didn’t even feel the injection. He said that he’s been kept safe in the care home for the last twelve months and only a week away till his 100th birthday, if had still been living at his home, the circumstances would have been different, as it would have meant not seeing anyone and being isolated from everyone.

Remember if you work in Primelife and haven’t had your vaccination yet, you can still book to get one using the National Booking System on or by calling 119.

If you want to know more about the COVID-19 vaccination you can play the Primelife interactive digital game CoronaBee or go to to find out more.

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