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COVID-19 Vaccinations: A Nurse’s Point of View

As the rollout for the second COVID-19 Vaccinations gets underway, we caught up with a nurse at Barons Park in Kirby Muxloe, who just received hers.


“I am confident that the vaccination will keep us and our residents safe”



Grace Marongwe: Nurse

Grace Marongwe has been a nurse at Barons Park for 6 years, and this week she received her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. She was nervous and shared that ironically, even though she is a nurse, she hates needles!

Grace was extremely jumpy before taking the injection, but once the needle was in and the vaccine was over, she was just relieved stating “Oh, that’s not bad!”

We asked Grace if she had any advice for other staff considering the vaccine and she said, “I would encourage anyone to have the vaccine.  It is nothing to fear and keeps us all safe.”

When asked if she had any concerns regarding the vaccine and she told us, “No, I am confident that the vaccination will keep us and our residents safe.”


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