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October brought the rain, and lots of it, but it also brought Halloween which our homes love! Let's take a look at some of the goings on across our homes this month!

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You can see a wide range of activities from our homes on the Prime Life Facebook page here!

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Gerald from Ashlands wanted an Italian meal, so Ellie and JD supported him to make sure this could happen. Find Ashlands on Facebook here!

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Staff from Barons Park completed a 100-mile bike ride. All the money from the event went to the home's social fund!

Well done to everyone who took part. Find Barons Park on Facebook here!

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Some days don't feel like work at Brackendale, and Halloween was one of those days, everyone had such a fun day celebrating the spooky day. Find Brackendale on Facebook here!

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Residents from Chamberlain Court had a wonderful day out at the Transport Museum in Coventry. Find Chamberlain Court on Facebook here!

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Charnwood Oaks's residents had a great time carving some pumpkins. Find Charnwood Oaks on Facebook here!

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Residents from Clarence House also had an amazing making a mess followed by carving their designs into the pumpkins! Find Clarence House on Facebook here!

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Ken from Fir Close likes to keep busy, and decided the garden needed a good tidying! Find Fir Close on Facebook here!

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Gilby House turned their home into a Haunted House for Halloween!

Find Gilby House on Facebook here!

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Residents from Glengarriff House had a fun day out at Bridlington Animal Park meeting lots of wonderful animal friends. Find Glengarriff House on Facebook here!

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Halloween might of been the flavour of the month, but the residents from Kirklees had a brilliant time wandering a garden centre looking at all the Christmas goodies! Find Kirklees on Facebook here!

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A trip to Floralands Farm Park was enjoyed by the residents of Little Acres. They enjoy petting and feeding some of the farm animals before treating themselves to something nice from the little gift shop! Find Little Acres on Facebook here!

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Allan Turned from the quality matters team joined Loran House to put the staff through our paces in some Fire Warden Training. Find Loran House on Facebook here!

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Zoolabs popped into Lowfield House and brought some creepy crawlies in for everyone to handle! There were lots of brave residents who loved meeting the animals. Find Lowfield House on Facebook here!

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Lyndon Croft took a trip to Notscutts Garden Center!

Everyone had a brilliant time checking out all the Christmas-themed decorations and gifts, followed by a cheeky cake with a coffee in the local cafe. Find Lyndon Croft on Facebook here!

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Meadow View had a "Wear it Pink" day to help raise both awareness and money for Breast Cancer.

They managed to raise £35 for Breast Cancer Now, which will go to support somebody and their families during what can be a very scary and worrisome time. Find Meadow View on Facebook here!

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Oakdene had so much fun on their holiday at Butlins, they saw loads of shows, spent a day by the beach and went to a Sealife centre. Find Oakdene on Facebook here!

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In Riversway arts and crafts session, they made these Halloween hangers. 

There was a selection of stickers and paints to choose from which helped create so many different styles which all look fantastic! 

They had tea, cakes and a lovely chat whilst they worked! Find Riversway on Facebook here!

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At Seacroft Court, they think it’s of the utmost importance that our residents are part of the interview process for any potential new employees. Resident Micheal and senior care assistant Billie-Jo have completed several interviews and discussed their choices. Fantastic teamwork! Find Seacroft on Facebook here!

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The Bethany project came to visit one of the residents here at Springhill. Throughout Sheila’s life, she has helped develop the Bethany project as we know it now! Fostering children from Tanzania and helping the lives of others. They wanted to surprise Sheila and others with some popular songs they had been practising in school. Find Springhill on Facebook here!

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St Michaels's residents and staff had some fun meeting the animals from Mini Mobile Zoo. They just loved getting lots of cuddles! Find St Michaels on Facebook here!

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Stoneygate Oaklands had fun converting their home into a spooky theme for Halloween! Find Stoneygate Oaklands on Facebook here!

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The residents from Tanworth Court had so much fun carving some Jack O'Lanterns for Halloween. Find Tanworth Court on Facebook here!

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The residents at The Hollies have been getting items ready for their Christmas fayre! Find The Mount on Facebook here!

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Residents from The Mount had a wonderful time find the perfect-sized pumpkins ready for some carving! Find The Mount on Facebook here!

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The residents at The Old Rectory got into the sprit of Halloween and got dressed up whilst they made spiders and Jack O'Lanterns. Find The Old Rectory on Facebook here!

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Westerlands got into the spooky season by enjoying a movie night of Hocus Pocus 2.

They enjoyed a good cuppa, and some treats whilst watching the film, which everyone thought was good fun. Find Westerlands on Facebook here!

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Lots of fun at White Acres crafting some Jack O'Lanterns. Everyone had so much fun carving these different designs into their pumpkins. Find White Acres on Facebook here!

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Woodlands residents and staff got together to celebrate Monica's Birthday. 

She loved her scrumptious gluten-free cake, made especially for her.

She shared the cake with her friends, which they all enjoyed. Find Woodlands on Facebook here!