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Caring for people with learning disabilities

PrimeLife prides itself on the care, support and services it provides for people with learning disabilities. We want to go the extra mile, above and beyond what’s expected elsewhere in the industry, and aim to promote inclusion, independence and choice. Learning disabilities, although they can be categorised, can vary significantly from person to person. Each person is unique, and in most cases, there will be some reduced intellectual and social ability. In others, there may also be certain physical or emotional conditions. Regardless of these differences, we make sure our residents receive personalised care. People with learning disabilities have the same needs that we all have. They want freedom, choice, to live independently, to have self-esteem, engage socially, and live as full of a life as possible. Our individual care plans allow us to deliver some of the best care available. Through these plans, we are able to focus on and outline specific areas of support. Physical health, social interaction, and pressure placement – through group activities, and one to one sessions all these areas, and more, are covered. We try to set a reasonable aim with each coming year so that progression is maintained, and there is a definite sense of achievement when these goals are met. All this contributes to the resident’s self-esteem, and in turn, makes sure everyone is involved in the warm, welcoming community we try to build at each of our care homes. Across all of our homes we accommodates a number of residents, varying in age and circumstances. The levels of support will be unique, tailor made, and might include anything from assisting with everyday personal needs, to more specific domestic tasks throughout the home. It is important to us that people with learning disabilities develop a fulfilling life and a role within their local community. We arrange frequent visits to day centres and our residents each hold their own bus pass. It is also common for our residents to take trips to the cinema, go bowling, and spend time at local Center Parcs. However we understand that community involvement can be a distressing thought for some people so we always make sure that residents approach new activity at their own pace. Overall our aim is to work towards reducing the restrictions our residents face, whether these stem from a lack of confidence or from more physical symptoms. There are also lots of home based activities that residents love to participate in. At our home in Nottingham, Little Acres, carers have made note of how the home’s residents thoroughly enjoy using the Nintendo Wii. Little Acres have also recently acquired a typewriter. Resources like these give each resident the chance to acquire new skills as well as develop old ones. Marie Merrick, manager of the home said: “A lot of our residents have trouble with reading and writing so the typewriter has been fantastic, giving them the opportunity to practice these skills”.   Meanwhile at The Mount, our care home in Hull, we’ve helped many residents overcome personal restrictions. One resident suffered a stroke and was met with a number of restrictions that meant she could no longer participate in many of the activities that she previously took pleasure in. But through the care provided by PrimeLife, she has been encouraged to actively pursue many of the things she once enjoyed.   We believe that life needs to be about what you can do and our learning disability care staff are advocates of independent living and supporting residents to help them get the best out of life.  
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