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A Week at Prime Life; 20th – 26th September

Monday 20th


Riversway in Bristol

We made some absolutely beautiful clay hearts. We rolled out the clay and cut it into the heart shape, then added our own touch with some beautiful colourful buttons to make them stand out. We then added a few drops of essential oil so they would smell nice once hung up. All whilst we enjoyed a lovely cuppa and a biscuit.  

Tuesday 21st


Riversway in Bristol

Brenda and Carly enjoyed some time together looking through Brenda’s family album whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea and a few biscuits.  

PrimeLife Head Office in Leicester

Last week we visited the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo to see what we could discover to help improve the lives of our residents. We saw some amazing things such as relaxation pods, virtual reality and a pain detector app. We also took part in a fantastic chair dancing exercise class. It was a brilliant expo with lots of things for us to learn about and hopefully bring to our homes soon.  

Wednesday 22nd


Clarence House in Horncastle

We had Chris over to do some “Move-It Mobility” with this weeks exercise being curling. Everyone had a fantastic time, and a little bit of competition really got them going!  

Riversway in Bristol

A huge congratulations to Harry and Lynda who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 18th September! We arrange a lovely afternoon tea for Harry’s wife and daughters, they had a wonderful afternoon and Harry really enjoyed himself!   Happy Birthday to Pam, who celebrated her 89th birthday on 19th August!  She loved how we decorated the room for the day really liked her gifts and flowers!   Happy Birthday to Mary, who celebrated her 85th birthday on 18th September!  She loved her gifts of a lamb and some flowers. We also decorated her room to celebrate, she said she had a very lovely day!   

Thursday 23rd


Glengarriff House in  Market Rasen

Happy 65th Birthday to Jackie! Who’s had an amazing fun-filled day! Jackie requested a poached egg on toast for her breakfast followed by opening all of her presents, a McDonald’s trip and then a VK blue (her choice of drink) to finish! ???  

Riversway in Bristol

Riverway Pub Club was open once again and what fun we had! We played with the darts and dominoes whilst everyone enjoyed the lovely refreshments and some good music.  
Edwin enjoyed some time with Karen with a nice refreshing cuppa and a lovely chit chat about old Movies. ?
The pictures of old movie stars help create lots of conversations!

St Michaels in Waddington

Smiling faces enjoying being out and about. Looking at the scenery and eating ice creams ?

Friday 24th


Riversway in Bristol

We had some of the Clay Hearts left over after our crafting session, so we handed them out as gifts.
We put essential oils on them so they smelt lovely and we hung them in the resident’s rooms, all of whom absolutely loved them!

Saturday 25th


Riversway in Bristol

Eva enjoying some quality time with the activities team! We had a good chat and a few giggles!  

Sunday 26th


Riversway in Bristol

Another session of Baking with Linda! This time we all enjoyed these delicious lemon and salted caramel bites.  We had so much fun making them and even more fun eating them after! 
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